Fleet Management

Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Shipping, Export Import, and Logistics verticals typically have a fleet of vehicles that need to be managed from their centralized headquarters. Fleet Management solution from Orient provides an end-to-end solution consisting of GPS based vehicle tracking technology, GIS, fleet management software and backend ERP grade application for integration with operations and other business processes. Fleet Management solution from Orient is easy to use, scalable and flexible that can be adapted to different industry verticals.

Vehicle Tracking Technology

Orient offers a vehicle tracking solution based on GPS that can track the location and real-time movement of vehicles such as cars, vans, buses, trucks and trains. Vehicle tracking is used to determine location, speed, and direction of movement of the vehicles. Vehicle tracking technology is the key component of complete fleet management solution.

The vehicle tracking information must be shown over a Geographical Information System (GIS) or a Map for any meaningful interpretation. Our solution can show vehicle tracking information on a Google Map or Bing Map if needed. The GIS solution can show real-time movement of vehicles as well as historical data in the form of reports on routes travelled over a period of time.

Geographical Information System (GIS) and Maps

Fleet Management Software

Orient offers Fleet Management software that aggregates data from vehicle tracking as well the GIS system. Fleet management software takes care of end-to-end fleet management including vehicle lifecycle management, vehicle driver information management, vehicle contracts and management records, vehicle maintenance records and maintenance expenses, vehicle insurance aspects and age of the vehicle. The fleet management software provides analytics for vehicle mileage, ownership costs, and profitability analysis of your entire fleet. Such analytics can be used for increasing efficiency of the fleet.

Fleet Management solution from Orient provides real-time alerts over email and mobile phone alerts in the form of SMS. These alerts can then be used by the fleet operations team to take quick decisions and respond to emergencies in real time. This is useful in managing a fleet of ambulances or other rapid response operations team. With supporting Telematics installed on the vehicles, fleet management software can also be used to remotely control the operations of the vehicle including emergency stopping of the vehicle in panic situations.

Real Time Response

ERP Applications for Fleet Management

Orient solution for Fleet Management also offers an ERP application backend with complete enterprise level modules such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting, Inventory, Warehouses, Purchase Management, Help Desk, Project Management and Human gs Management. The ERP backend can be customized and integrated with the rest of the business processes for an organization owning the fleet.

Fleet Management solution is completely built over the cloud infrastructure. This is essential for aggregating vehicle tracking information from the field and integrating into the centralized fleet management software. The Fleet Management software itself is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed by multiple branch office locations if needed for local response situations. Cloud infrastructure and SaaS model reduces the overall cost of ownership of our fleet management solution.

Cloud Infrastructure for Fleet Management