Database Monitoring

Database monitoring on a proactive basis is necessary to ensure that databases are available for supporting business processes and functions. Database monitoring from Orient provides performance analysis and trends which in turn can be used for fine tuning the database architecture and queries, thereby optimizing the database for your business requirements.

Benefits of Database Monitoring

  • Availability and Uptime Guarantee
  • Performance Analysis
  • Trending Analysis and Future Planning

Orient provides database monitoring solutions for a variety of databases including the leading industry databases Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, DB2 and Sybase databases. Database monitoring from Orient is available as on-premise monitoring implementation as well as in the form of Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) offering.

Database Monitoring Solution

Database Health Checkup

Database monitoring is a critical part of database health checkup for any database. Using continuous database monitoring, it is possible to identify performance bottlenecks for a database during real-time usage. Database monitoring also provides trends and usage patterns which in turn can be used for performance tuning and query optimization of databases.