Server Monitoring

Any network will consist of different type of servers such as file servers, web servers, email servers, compute servers and application servers. Server Monitoring from Orient provides insights into the reliability of the server hardware such as Uptime, CPU, Memory and Storage. In addition, Server monitoring can also indicate whether a particular server is performing the exact function that it is supposed to provide. Server monitoring is an essential tool in determining functional and performance failures in the infrastructure assets.

Benefits of Server Monitoring

  • Availability and Uptime Guarantee
  • Functional and Performance Analysis
  • Trending Analysis and Future Planning

Orient provides database monitoring solutions for a variety of servers including proprietary and open source technology based servers. Server monitoring from Orient is available as on-premise monitoring implementation as well as in the form of Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) offering.

Server Monitoring Solution

Server Hardware Monitoring

Orient can monitor all server hardware related parameters such as ping response and server uptime, processor (CPU) usage, memory (RAM) usage and hard disk storage usage. Server hardware monitoring give information about the health of the server hardware itself. Any failure in the hardware will obviously impact the functionality of that server. Hence hardware monitoring of the server is a basic requirement for all server monitoring use cases.

Webservers commonly use Apache or IIS as the backend that serves webpages. Webserver monitoring provides information about all web services related metrics such as web transaction statistics, protocol statistics, and web server availability. You can also monitor a specific web application that is running over the web. Further, a particular URL or webpage can be monitored for specific keywords indicating correct operation of the website.

Web Server Monitoring

Email Server Monitoring

All organizations use email servers such as Microsoft Exchage Server, Zimbra Mail Server, Postfix mail server, Sendmail server or Dovecoat mail server. Typically these mail servers use SMTP protocol for serving mails. Orient can monitor email servers that gives information about mail service availability, mail related statistics, mail send and receive, as well as performance of the mail server. Email server monitoring ensures that the mail service is available without any break in service. Any unusual behavior such as spam or viruses can be tracked immediately and corrective action taken.

File servers are common in scenarios where there are multiple users who want to exchange files in a collaborative environment such as Sharepoint or Alfresco. File Server monitoring provides information about file and folder structure, file sizes, folder sizes, and space utilization on the file server. File Server monitoring is useful for managing the storage and backup space.

File Server Monitoring

Application Server Monitoring

Different organizations run several applications to satisfy their business needs. Monitoring these applications provides information about Application availability. You can also monitor specific processes within these applications including performance, processor and memory usage. Such process monitoring provides essential insights into the performance bottlenecks of such applications. This insight helps in fine tuning the application and deriving maximum performance inline with your business requirements.