Risk Assessment with EBIOS

The Risk Assessment with EBIOS course from Orient is designed for participants to gain expertise in risk management and assessment elements using the EBIOS method. The EBIOS technique or Expression des Besoins et Identification des Objectifs de Sécurité method was introduced in France by ANSSI. The sole purpose of this training program is to impart necessary skills and knowledge to conduct optimal information security risk assessment and risk management processes by getting familiar with the risk life cycle.


Course Objectives :


  • Understanding the major concepts, methods, techniques and approaches for effectively managing risk in accordance with EBIOS method.
  • Developing the skills required and learning steps to be followed to perform risk assessment using EBIOS.
  • Gauging the requirements pertaining to information security risk management for with respect to ISO 27001 standard.
  • Interpreting the relationship between various security controls, risk management process and complying to the needs of different stakeholders in an organization.
  • Developing expertise to completely execute, manage and maintain the risk management program.
  • Gaining in-depth knowledge to correctly advise organizations on information security best practices.


This Risk Assessment with EBIOS training is highly beneficial for information security professionals, IT consultants, risk managers and any individual who is charged with taking care of risk assessment activities in an organization.