ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Implementer

Information Security Management is a system that attempts to protect organizational data in order to prevent security breaches. Some of the high profile IT security breaches have recently thrown light on the urgent need to protect critical data in organizations. The latest Information Security Management System course from Orient Solutions is a useful tool for security professionals that allows enterprise users to secure business critical information of the company. It is a comprehensive set of procedures concerned with managing IT related risks and information security for an organization.


Course Objectives :


ISO 27001 Lead Implementer course teaches you the methodology to ensure that your ISMS is conforming to industry standards and is following the highest standards in data security. You will learn the following skills in this course:

  • Implementing an ISMS with ISO 27001 compliance.
  • Understanding the concepts, methods, techniques and standards for managing ISMS effectively.
  • Understanding the relationship between all components of ISMS including risk control, risk management, and business process compliance in the organization.
  • Efficiently manage and maintain an ISMS with respect to the international standard of ISO 27001.
  • Developing the skill and knowledge required to follow best practices in managing organization-level information security.
  • Improving the dexterity to take decisions and analyze problems with respect to information security management.


Agenda :


  • ISMS concepts; Introduction and Initiation of ISMS.
  • Planning ISMS implementation in accordance with ISO 27001.
  • Implementation of ISO 27001 ISMS.
  • Monitor, measure, control and manage an ISMS, ISMS certification audit.
  • Certification Exam.


The five-day course gives a deep insight into all aspects of successfully implementing and managing an ISMS project and qualifies you as a certified ISO 27001 LI. This ISMS Lead Implementer course offers skills and expertise to implement, maintain and manage ISMS more efficiently and effectively based on the ISO standard 27001:2005. Apart from providing ISMS training, the course also includes the role of people and processes as a reference frame work for IS implementation. Ideal for project managers, IT security professionals, ISO 27001 auditors and CIOs, this advanced course will prepare participants to successfully acquire an ISO 27001 Lead Implementer Certificate and equip them with valuable tools and techniques for IS implementation.


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