ISO 22301 (BCMS) Lead Auditor

This BCMS Lead Auditor course from Orient Solutions allows participants to gain core skills essential to audit a BCMS (Business Continuity Management System). Learn to apply a host of audit principles, techniques and procedures in order to manage an auditors team. This training aims to provide students with knowledge and expertise to effectively conduct internal/external audits that conform to the ISO 19011 and ISO 27031 standards while also being compatible with Business Continuity Management Specification BS 25999.


Course Objectives :


  • Based on practical exposure, acquire skills and competencies to manage audit programs and BCMS teams.
  • Acquire the ability to conduct internal audits with respect to BS 25999 or ISO 22301 in accordance with ISO 19011 guidelines and ISO 17021 specifications.
  • Comprehend the working of BCMS in accordance with ISO 27031, ISO 22301, or BS 25999.
  • Learn to identify the relationships between BCMS, compliance and controls, risk management, and the different stakeholder requirements in the organization.
  • Gain expertise to be able to effectively analyze the external and internal environment of an enterprise, risk analysis and audit with respect to Business Continuity Management System.
  • Improving the dexterity to take decisions and analyze problems with respect to information security management.


The Business Continuity Lead Auditor training is aimed at auditors, project managers, consultants and professionals who wish to master the BCMS audit process or those who are part of the business continuity team in an organization.