Linux Solutions

Linux is one the most successful open source products in the world today. Linux based operating systems have been adopted by customers universally due to higher performance, increased robustness and reliability, and zero license costs for the Linux Operating System. Orient provides Linux based solutions for server level requirements as well as desktop level requirements. Orient provides consulting, roll-out and on-going maintenance for Linux based IT infrastructure.

Server Level Linux Administration :


Orient provides server level operating sytem administration that includes installation, configuration, regular administration, patches, upgrades and data backup of Linux based servers. Orient team can provide in-house administration as well as remote infrastructure management (RIMS) services for customers across the world.


Operating System (OS) Hardening :


For many applications, the operating system must be hardened for improved performance and security. Orient team of experts have years of experience with operating hardening for all variants of Linux.


Performance Tuning for Operating Systems :


The operating system can be tuned for optimum performance based on the application that needs to run on that operating system. Orient team works with the customer to understand the performance requirements and then tune the operating system for maximum performance.

Supported Platforms