Distributed Monitoring

Global organizations typically have infrastructure distributed across different branch offices and data centres. Enterprises will have a large number of IT infrastructure assets that need to managed and maintained. In such scenarios, distributed monitoring is an essential tool for understanding performance bottlenecks and capacity utilization of infrastructure assets. Customers need a robust and scalable monitoring solution that can handle the complexities of distributed infrastructure.

Distributed Monitoring Solution Architecture

Typical Enterprises have global operations with multiple branch offices spread across the world. A distributed monitoring framework is required for handling such scenarios. The centralized network operations centre (NOC) helps gain insight and control of the entire infrastructure, where as local monitoring framework helps in providing local control and administration of IT assets as needed.

  • Scalability and Load Factors
  • Access Control over Local Assets
  • Centralization of Business Critical Assets

Benefits of Distributed Monitoring

Distributed Monitoring Architecture Design

Orient has experience in consulting and design of distributed monitoring solution architecture for global customers. We can design scalable and robust solution architecture for enterprise customers that need to monitor thousands of infrastructure assets across multiple branch offices.

Orient has experience in implementing distributed monitoring services based on industry standard tools such as Nagios, Solarwinds, Manage Engine, Zabbix, Opsview and Hyperic. Orient has in-depth expertise on open source monitoring tools and systems.

Distributed Monitoring Implementation Services

Distributed Monitoring Help Desk

Orient runs a 24x7 monitoring desk that provides round the clock coverage for world-wide customers. Using this monitoring help desk, customers can pro-actively monitor the infrastructure assets across the world.